Eat Thrive Perform

Here’s what you get:

Online Assessment Form

You will be sent a link to this form to fill out. This will give us the chance to get to know more about you and your current nutrition intake and habits so we can tailor our recommendations specific to you.

Food Diary

We will send you an invitation to download a very cool (and free!) App so you can enter your 4 days of food straight onto your mobile device. We do have other options to record your food if you prefer.

Nutrition Analysis

We send you back a nutrition analysis breakdown of what you ate. This will give you information about your energy, carbs (+ sugars), protein, fats, and fibre (and anything else we uncover along the way). We then give you feedback about what you actually need for your age, sport, and training demands and make our recommendations.

Email Feedback

You will receive all your feed-back information via email so you can access your sports nutrition information anytime, any place, anywhere.

5 Tailored-for-you Action Plan Sheets

Your feedback will include 5 unique action plan sheets that will get you up-and-running and on your way.

Individual Recommendations

I will provide you with individualised recommendations outlining all the great things you need to keep on doing as well as the actions you can take to keep moving on your path to being even better.

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A bit more about this package

Our EAT THRIVE package offers you the chance to get comprehensive feedback about what you are eating. By completing our online assessment form AND a 4-day food diary we will assess where you are at and then offer advice on how to make your nutrition work better for your training and sporting demands. Our mission is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. With our expert knowledge we can ensure that this package will deliver you the individualised feedback and Action Plan sheets that you need to help you on your way to all things great nutrition brings.

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