EAT THRIVE PERFORM came from our ambition to bring sports nutrition into the homes of all young athletes.

We understand that adolescent athletes have a unique set of nutrition demands for growth, development, training and competing demands. Adults services are not always adequate for our junior athletes. EAT THRIVE PERFORM offers you and/or your sporty young one an individualised online service in your own home. We have tailored our services based on our lockdown experience and have come up with some easy options for you to be able to engage with us.

As experienced Sports Dietitian's we offer a service that is backed by the best nutrition knowledge and experiences.

We have worked for many (many!) years progressing young athletes from grassroots to international competition in NZ and Australia from a huge range of sporting backgrounds. Launching a service that allows every young athlete access to the same level of expertise is a logical step for us.

And let’s not forget, we are also here to help the mums, the dads, the nan’s, the coaches, the schools, the clubs, and everyone that helps any youth on their road to sporting success. You people are key, and our job is to make your life easier with tools that will really help. We have an option for you guys to contact us, so we can tailor a service specific for you.

Let’s get you started now.

Meet your ETP expert Sports Dietitians

Sara Richardson

Elite Sports Dietitian (NZ)
Registered Dietitian (NZ)

I am a passionate advocate for nurturing athletic talent from small locations and providing developing athletes with the right nutrition stepping stones to elite pathways.

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Rachel Svenson

Accredited Sports Dietitian (AUS)
Accredited Practising Dietitian (AUS)

Working with junior athletes and those who support them from the kitchen and the side-lines has always been a favourite part of my work and an area I have built expert knowledge around.

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The Services

Pick the service that is right for you

The EAT Service
A simple, easy 30-min Zoom consultation to steer you on the path to nutrition greatness. This is a great service for the small things you need help with or for any follow-up.
Our full consultation service. Join us on Zoom or we may be able to meet you in person so please ask!
An Athlete's Guide to BULKING
Our 6-week step-by-step programme designed for young athletes looking to gain weight.