Here’s what you get:

What is in the programme?

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Week 1:

A 30-minute group interactive and enlightening presentation I give to your cohort group introducing the concepts of nutrition for healthy brain function, academic performance and improved mood.

Weeks 2-4:

Each week brings a new topic for the classroom, delivered by your teaching staff.

Teaching topics are:

  • Week 2: Breakfast
  • Week 3: Snacks
  • Week 4: Reading Food Labels and Food Swaps

Each week you will be given:

  • A lesson plan with activities
  • A PowerPoint presentation that can be used as a lesson guide including activity instructions
  • Student worksheets (including an answer sheet for teachers)
  • A Kahoot quiz
  • A classroom poster

Here’s how it works:

Why this programme?

Latest Medical Research

Research leaves no doubt that nutrition plays a crucial role in all aspects of adolescent brain function and health including academic performance, physical performance, mood and mental health.

Understanding Good Nutrition Practices

Knowing what foods provide key nutrients to support brain function, and applying these in the context of classroom learning are valuable tools for all adolescents.

Positive Outcomes

If nutrition can offer a 1% improvement in academic performance, improve mood and mental well-being, then positive outcomes are made.

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A bit more about this service

The Year 7-10 Students programme offers your junior students a 4-week teaching and learning module: Nutrition for Better Brains. There are a number of inclusions to encourage enjoyment and engagement through learning.

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