September 20, 2019

Eat Think Perform



The EAT THINK PERFORM programme came about after we were approached by a local school to deliver information about good nutrition for academic performance.

We presented to 200 senior students who were about to embark on a stressful time of external exams, and the school were very aware that good nutrition makes a massive difference to how we all think and perform.

Since then we have been contacted to repeat this session to students and staff at a number of schools. Hence the creation of EAT THINK PERFORM.

The EAT THINK PERFORM programme offers:

-      A 30 minute interactive and enlightening discussion with senior high school students looking at how nutrition can promote academic performance

- A 30 minute opportunity to engage with parents of these mighty-fine young thinkers

- A 30 minute PD session for staff to improve their knowledge and understanding of the link between nutrition and cognitive function

- Resource information for including take-home information and display poster for senior common room areas.


- Latest medical research leaves no doubt that nutrition plays a critical role in all aspects of adolescent brain function and health including academic performance, physical performance, mood and mental health.

- Understanding good nutrition practices, knowing what foods are beneficial and what are the key nutrients to support brain function, and easy ideas for quick food preparation are all valuable tools heading into the exam period.

- If nutrition can off that 1% gain in academic performance or add to the health and well-being of students, then positive outcomes are made.

If there is information here that you think might be useful for anyone you know then please get in touch and we would be happy to help you out (and yes… we offer this in both NZ and Australia)

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Rachel Svenson

Working with junior athletes and those who support them from the kitchen and the side-lines has always been a favourite part of my work and an area I have built expert knowledge around.

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