February 6, 2021

Hydration on hot days


Top fluids to keep hydrated on those hot summer days

It is essential, especially in the summer months, to keep track of your fluid intake to avoid dehydration.

Both mental and physical performance of adolescent athletes is likely to be affected if dehydration occurs. Therefore, no matter the sport or activity it is essential to keep our young athletes hydrated.

Here are the top ways to stay hydrated:


Always the first and best option

Adolescents should be getting at least 1.6 and 1.9L of water per day for girls and boys retrospectively

1.6L = approx. 6 cups & 1.9L = approx. 7-8 cups

Tips for summer:
- Freeze water-filled drink bottles overnight
- Add ice to the drinks, including into water bottles that are packed for school
- Use an insulated reusable drink bottle
- Add cucumber, orange, lime or lemon for added flavour
You can also use other fluids to help with hydration:

Cold Milk:

Add Milo or Nestle Quick for more flavour

Drink as a smoothie. A simple ingredient smoothie would include banana, milk, ice, and your favourite nut butter

Fruit Juices:

1 glass of fruit juice a day is a good recommendation

Dilute fruit juice with water to decrease the concentration of sugar

Sports Drinks:

Should be avoided as much as possible. They are high in sugar

Kept for games and competition days

Energy drinks:

Avoided completely. These are likely to hinder rather than help with performance due to the high caffeine concentrations and young athletes inability to process and tolerate caffeine well

And thats how we help you athletes to EAT THRIVE AND PERFORM. Feel free to ask us any questions or contact us if you are needing help with your young athlete’s nutrition. Let us help make your life easier .

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Rachel Svenson

Working with junior athletes and those who support them from the kitchen and the side-lines has always been a favourite part of my work and an area I have built expert knowledge around.

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