November 18, 2020

Plant-based eating anyone?


Thinking about eating less meat and more plant foods?

Scrolling through any social media thread you are bound to stumble across an assortment of posts haling the healthy, sustainable, and environmental benefits of following a plant-based eating plan.  

But if you are the kind of person who is not willing or wanting to embrace plant-based eating just yet, here are our tips for including more of plant-based wholesomeness in your food plan without feeling like you have completely ditched your meat.

- Add a can of lentils to your favourite mince dish.  

Not only will you be adding some incredibly important dietary fibre, you will also make that mince dish go further which is also a bonus for the budget

- Drain and mash a can of kidney beans and add to Mexican food.

This is the perfect cheats way of adding “refried beans” without completely making a whole other dish.  We love foods that can all be added to the one pot.

- Add more vegetables.

Simple! No nutrition professional is ever going to tell you cut back on veggies. Pile them on your plate, pile them high, and pile them from a range of different colours.  Boom!  You have just adopted more plant-based eating by increasing your veggie intake.

- Are you loving the large range of nut butters available now?

Add a dollop of your favourite nut butters to a smoothie or spread a good lashing to freshly toasted bread. Plant-based eating. Tick.

- Hummus and veggie-sticks?

Say no more.

- Stir chickpeas or peanuts through your stir-fries.  

That’s right, you guessed it… another way of including more plant-based eating and giving your health and the planet a wee pat of the back.

And thats how we help you athletes to EAT THRIVE AND PERFORM. Feel free to ask us any questions or contact us if you are needing help with your young athlete’s nutrition. Let us help make your life easier .

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Sara Richardson

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