December 2, 2020

Plant-based milks


PBMs: Where to start?

It can be over whelming standing in the supermarket staring at the shelfs containing an array of plant-based milks (PBM) trying to work out which really is the best choice.

Sweetened or unsweetened, organic sweetened or unsweetened, vanilla, chocolate or original, wait… is original (pauses to scratch head) the same as sweetened or unsweetened, oh wait again, …. you can get two types of milk mixed together?? And so on and so forth you go through the all milks trying to decide which one is right for you.

There are literally so many different PBM available that it can be difficult to find that little gem that is the right one for you.  

Here are our ETP thoughts to help you reach out and pick the right one off the shelf.
- Many people opt for plant-based milks from a sustainability view point.

You may simply wish to choose your based purely on whether or not the packaging can be recycled.

- PBM manufacturers may fortify their milk

(that means there are added nutrients to boost the milks nutritional value).  Based on your age and stage, you may choose a milk that most meets your nutritional needs.  For example, a milk that has been fortified with calcium and protein to help meet the demands of a growing young athlete.  

- If you feel like your PBM is still falling a bit short in the protein stakes?

Remember you can enjoy your PBM alongside other sources of protein such as nuts, nut butters, seeds, legumes, beans, whole-grains.

- Flavour

At the end of the day it needs to taste good and not make your favourite brew of hot chocolate taste odd.  Shop around and try a few different types and ask your mates which ones they have most enjoyed the taste of.  They are often some of our best critics.

- The long shelf life or UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) makes PBM.

This handy “milk” is great to have on hand at the back of the pantry as an emergency for those times when there is literally only a dash of dairy based milk left in the fridge.  Don’t forget to refrigerate your PBM once opened though!  

- Portable

The PBMs are also a handy milk for young athletes who are travelling for their sport due to the long shelf life and are also a handy milk for young athletes who live away from home in a school hostel or hall of residence as they can stash PBM in their rooms without having to worry about refrigeration, especially if they make use of the single serve portions rather than the traditional 1L tetra packs.

- Price

Always a tricky one and around $2.50/L for dairy milk compared to $4.00/L for a PBM choose the option with the price that suits you best.  And if you are thinking bigger picture around sustainability and environment, choose the option that best aligns with you.

And thats how we help you athletes to EAT THRIVE AND PERFORM. Feel free to ask us any questions or contact us if you are needing help with your young athlete’s nutrition. Let us help make your life easier .

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