February 23, 2021

Sustainable lunchtimes


What can you do?

School is in full swing again, and with lots of pressure to reduce our waste and be more sustainable, how can we do our bit for the school lunchbox?

Every bit counts, and while we aren't perfect all the time. here at ETP we like to think we do our best to reduce our food and packaging waste. Here are our top 5 tips to having the most sustainable lunch possible:

1. Purchase a lunch box

Gone are the days of using a plastic bag to pack your lunch into. It’s times to purchase a lunch box,and a decent sized one at that.

Your young athlete needs to fuel their brains as well as their muscles for a full day at school. This means A LOT of food. Opting for a more permanent lunch box is a great way to reduce plastic usage. It doesn’t need to be the most expensive one in the store but top tip:
- Look for one that has multiple compartments or smaller containers to keep different foods separate.
- Grab a few reusable snaplock bags along with it. You can get them in multiple different sizes and designs from places like Kmart or your supermarket.

2. Use a reusable drink bottle

We have all fallen into the trap of buying another bottle of drink on the way to training, school or work but if this is your normal routine, think about how many bottles you would buy every month.

The stats are pretty staggering - did you know that 1 million single use plastic drink bottles are purchased around the world every minute? Crazy right!

And there is a simple solution: buy yourself a reusable drink bottle. Again it doesn’t need to be the most expensive drink bottle you can find. It may even be handy to grab more than one - one for school, one for training and a spare in the car.

Top tip look look for one that is BPA free and your best choice would be stainless steel.

3. Avoid pre-packaged food.

We know, its convenient. Popcorn, chips, scrogen, even carrot sticks can come in individually wrapped packets that they don’t need to.

By taking a few extra minutes (or even better getting your young athlete!) to prepare foods from your home pantry and fridge supplies saves on all that excess packaging. Buy products in bulk and put them in your NEW reusable snaplock bags or containers will not only save plastic but save you money, (yes extra plastic = extra money).

4. Support local  

This might seem like an obvious one but local farmers markets are a great place to get your fruit and vegetables. Less plastic, less transportation, less handing AND it might even tastes  better.


5. Make your own foods

Snacks and treats like muesli bars and slices are packaged in lots of plastic but they can be cheap and easy to make at home. It’s also another great way to get your young athletes in the kitchen. Not only are you creating healthy habits but it also teaches them about measurements, fractions and the basics of cooking.

So, there you have it - 5 simple tips to help create a more sustainable lunch box. These don’t need to be implemented all at once but every bit counts when it comes to our planet.

And thats how we help you athletes to EAT THRIVE AND PERFORM. Feel free to ask us any questions or contact us if you are needing help with your young athlete’s nutrition. Let us help make your life easier .

BLOG POST WRITTEN BY: Rachel Stanford-Bush, Nutrition Student Intern with ETP

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Rachel Svenson

Working with junior athletes and those who support them from the kitchen and the side-lines has always been a favourite part of my work and an area I have built expert knowledge around.

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