Eat Thrive Perform

Here’s what you get:

Individual consult at our Mayfield office

Let's book an hour together to sit down and chat all things nutrition for your sports, training, competition and nutrition goals. I can check out what outstanding stuff you are doing already and set you up with your own work-ons and an uncomplicated  plan to make your nutrition work even better for you.

5 Tailored-for-you Action Plan Sheets

Your feedback will include 5 unique action plan sheets that will get you up-and-running and on your way.

Individual Recommendations

I will provide you with individualised recommendations outlining all the great things you need to keep on doing as well as the actions you can take to keep moving on your path to being even better.

2 & 4 Week Follow-up

I'll get in touch after 2 weeks to see where you are at and make sure you are tracking in the right direction. I'll also get in touch after 4 weeks to answer any more questions and check that you are on your path to nutrition greatness.

Private Health Fund Rebate

Most Private Health Funds now cover dietetic services, please consult with your health fund to find out what rebate you are entitled to.

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A bit more about this package

Our MEET ETP package gives you the chance to chat face-to-face to Rachel, an Accredited Sports Dietitian. Rachel will assess where you are at and then offer advice on how to make your nutrition work better for your training and sporting demands. Our mission is to get you up and running as quickly as possible or to improve the good work you are doing. With Rachel's expert knowledge, she will deliver you the individualised feedback and Action Plan sheets that you need to help you on your way to all things great nutrition brings.

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